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Ohio Edge

A Place For All The Little Ohio Edgers
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Hey kiddies!

The demand for a Ohio Straight Edge community isn't all too high. But I wanted to see how many of us are out there. There has to be a few, I can't be all alone.

I don't want this to be strictly members of Ohio, more like northeastern general area.

Anyone can join. It's a non-rating community. Because of the no-rating status, I don't want people to rate or be rated. In other words, don't fucking rate! I don't want to hear personal beefs or stupid judgements.

New members: You can't be rejected, but introducing yourself would be a good idea. A nice place to start is this little questionaire:

Reasons for become sxe:
Have you always been drug-free:
(If not) Was it hard for you to make the change:
Funny quote:

Please put all pictures behind a livejournal cut. (If you're not sure how to make a lj cut, it is {lj-cut text="Enter headline here"/} and replace {} with <>.)

Anything can be posted here, even if it's slightly off topic. But please don't advertise unless it's relevant to the subject matter. I would rather not hear militant stories about how you beat the shit out of a drug user for offering his beer to you, but if you must post, go ahead and do it.

Be nice to your mods:

That's about it!